Know Us More

David Charles Williams is a cross pollination Fine Artist working in Oil Paint, Digital Design, Music and amalgamates them to create a combination of visual or musical compositions, mostly inspired by ‘Nature’ the nature of ‘Self’ and the digital domain. Williams’s focus is to bring the visual to life engaging in response to image and sound. The work has a process based in the roots of Painting Techniques to using and engaging in new skills with Digital media.

Coming from a rich education Williams has studied Film, Photography, Design, Fine Art, Fashion and Interactive design. Applying these skills over the years Williams made a level of success with his ‘Centred Painting’.

Showing with the likes of Samuel Owen in Connecticut and Massachusetts where he became disillusioned with the commercial outlay of his work and the relationship with the Gallery broke down. He then continued to paint away from the ‘centred painting’ to go back to his roots and start making music again.

 All this has now but Williams in a position to pursue his Art Career in a fresh light. Having suffered with health issues, he does work that challenges him and now likening it to music and the digital medium seems like a logical progression. Allot of fresh ideas are brewing to the surface and speed is not of an essence for his health comes first.